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Dankers & Frank started in 1998 and specialises in the development of Dynamic Enterprise Resource and Capacity Management Systems. Since 2008 also for the Offshore Oil & Gas industry.
As of 2009 it is in use at Dutch platforms (28 rigs) in the North Sea.

Integrated Operations Planning and Control

The Integrated Operations Planning (IOP) Platform is developed to support capacity and resources planning and management on oil rigs and their satellites.


Next to the actual activity and capacity planning it supports automatic flights planning and routing, shuttle flights, validated capacity guestbedding, ShutDown management and Forecast control.

Projects may be defined for various departments (by the various department planners. Put on hold, extended or shifted and dependent items will be adjusted accordingly. The project leaders are informed on changes by a bulletinboard/ alerts to be able to quickly find a valid alternative.

Search and reporting will able the user to use the planning away from and outside the scope of the IOP planview. Reporting supports public and private report design.

Safety regulations management regarding POB max, POBNight max and lifeboats are automatically updated and may be easily adjusted for temporarily maintenance purposes.

Resource management consists of company resources (plus departments and department planners) as well as relevant contractor resources/ companies and expertise.

Additional functionality

Optionally we have various additional functionality like support for your offshore asset (equipment) management or integration/ connectivity with your already asset management system (i.e. Maximo) in place and your HR systems (i.e. SAP).

State-of-the-art is the optional support for the dynamic 3D parts documentation and installation 'manuals' (visual movies on a eye head camera)


You may download the shortlist of the IOP platform for a functional overview.

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