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Additional information about the Dankers & Frank Software Platforms is available to you after registration

Depending on the platform we have documents and/ or presentations focusing on functionality and technical information targeted to your ICT department.

Demonstrations/ meetings
If you are interested then onsite demonstrations - for your efficiency and comfort - may be arranged. Worldwide meetings will be held using video conferencing (your company acting as host).

Consulting is available and based on the requirements/ needs of the company involved. Subjects, methods, media and frequency and time involved will be negotiated beforehand and specified in a seperate agreement.

Instructions and workshops
Mandatory are the Administrators and Department planners workshop (2 days each).

Pilot version
An fully functional pilot is available for 6-9 months and globally accessible. There is a restriction of the number of platforms (8) and a maximum on planned department projects (30).
Pricing of the pilot is based on charges for setup: server, system software installation, IOP configuration, provider costs, (system) software licenses, throughput etc. as well as all preparations necessary for validation and data entry of the company's datasets. 
Allow for scheduling.

All demonstrations, (preliminary) meetings, consulting, instructions etc. will be charged as well as the general, travel and residing expenses. Please contact Dankers & Frank for details.